Feelin' Stronger Everyday

I love these words as they state such a humble truth. Our physical body is always moving towards health and healing despite the unhealthy and unkind things we do to it. Then one day...

It (meaning health) just all seems to fall apart, crumble at your feet, come cascading down from one ill symptom to the next. Does this sound familiar?

I hear these words often: "When I was 20 I ate whatever I wanted and nothing bothered my stomach or digestive tract. I drank like crazy, did drugs, ate junk food, and was still healthy as a horse." (I am not exactly certain how the horse got involved here!) I take such good care of me now... Why is this happening to me? 

My reply always resembles something like this: When you are young your body cells are in tip top shape. Our habits, good and bad, either build our body cells for better health or wear them down into degenerative cells. This is a slow and insidious process which is exactly why we do not consciously connect it to the "stuff" we did to ourselves in our younger years.  

I wrote about this in: 

Back to the body knows what to do and the mind getting in the way thing. This is just one issue in the struggle to maintain healthy habits. Our body knows how to heal, knows how to ask for what it needs (fresh, real food), and functions at optimal levels when we care for it. The struggle comes with the mind:

  1. wanting what we see advertised by food manufacturers because it is so enticing and the ads mesmerize us;
  2. not wanting to work hard to avoid that which we know is not cell enhancing food or lifestyle habits;
  3. having addictions to refined sugar, refined sodium, and flavor enhancing chemicals that tantalize our taste buds, release endorphins, and various other interruptions in normal physiological processes; and
  4. being disconnected from our mind and spirit. This here my friends is a great space to start working on to get passed the 3 issues above.

I am inviting you to incorporate some mind-body-spirit activities into your life. This will help you bridge the disconnect we have as a culture and bring harmony back to mind, body, and spirit. You will function as a peaceful, whole human being that no longer struggles to avoid the things that you know are not best for your whole body health. Instead, you will feel at ease, comfy, in your own skin making the choices that create vibrant health. All without feeling deprived. (I promise!)

  1. Deep breathe (deep belly breathe not that shallow chest stuff most people do),
  2. Yoga,
  3. Tae Kwon Do,
  4. Tai Chi,
  5. Qigong,
  6. Meditate,
  7. Pray,
  8. Walk in the woods,
  9. Laugh,
  10. Have great sex,
  11. Nurture your ties with beloved family & friends,
  12. Ground yourself everyday,  (grounding exercise at the link back there),
  13. AND then you will be....www.Feelin' Stronger Everyday.com, Chicago!

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