You Do NOT Need Me

You read that correctly. You do NOT need me.

      But that's ok 'cuz I have Lily...               and we need each other!

      But that's ok 'cuz I have Lily...               and we need each other!

Your body will heal simply by switching to a whole food diet.

May I refer you backwards to a previous post: Longevity Recipe

When you swap out your current eating habits for a 100% whole food diet amazing things will happen:

  • You will no longer crave sugar, salt, garbage food stuff
  • You gut lining will heal
  • Your gut microbes will re-balance themselves (and the whole cascade of good things that happen when gut microbes are balanced - think neurological, immune, digestive... whole body health
  • Your weight will normalize for you
  • Body aches will lessen and maybe just completely disappear
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol will wave bye-bye
  • Adult Onset Diabetes will exit your life
  • You will feel so good you will change other lifestyle habits because feeling good begets wanting to feel even better
  • And it all snow balls on, and on, and on

What I CAN do for you is this: give you tips on how to speed up your body's amazing healing process:

  • herbs and supplements help hurry the healing process along nicely & naturally
  • foods that will have health restorative effects specific for your body's needs
  • foods better avoided for your specific health needs
  • lifestyle choices to accelerate that feeling of crazy, good, vibrant health...
  • online classes to study health in the comfy space of your home! ($35 an online class and subsequent classes only $25)

And all with a smile, hug, and healing love!