Which End of the Battery Are You?

Weight Loss, Vibrant Health, Dis - Ease of the body... How do they all fit together in some sort of sensible way?  And, what does the battery have to do with it all?

Reasonable questions, hang with me on this one and I will explain.

I work with people, daily, on their health & well being through my online classes and 1 on 1 consultations. These people, my clients and students, are motivated to change their lives, relief ill health symptoms, and live in a dis - ease free body.

The steps to getting to this space of ease in the body (lack of dis - ease) are similar for all problems:

Each of these steps are personalized for each individual's specific needs based on their body's bio-chemistry and their own personality needs.

Let's get to that battery!

I have two teen boys. Teens can be snarly, negative word spouting fountains from time to time. We were having a dinner time discussion on the role of mind set in creating disease and healing the body. 

Spread Love Where Ever You Go.      Let No One Ever Come To You               Without Leaving Happier.                                    Mother Teresa.

Basically, which end of the battery are you? Positive or negative? What do you surround yourself with:

  • negative or positive people?
  • negative or positive words, thoughts, and actions?
  • negative or positive media, screen time?


When we work to change our lives for healing, we must remember the power of the ends of our personal batteries.

Negative words, conversations, thoughts, actions, people, news, social media crap, etc. are just as toxic to our body cells as:

  • heavy metals toxins
  • agricultural chemicals, pesticides and the like,
  • synthetic ingredients in factory made food
  • factory made food itself
  • chlorine
  • etc. etc. etc.

Every negative experience, no matter how brief, creates negative vibrational frequencies in our miraculous & beautiful body cells. Just like other toxic impacts, these negative frequencies cause inflammation that lead to ill health, dis - ease in the body. Negativity contributes to a weaker immune system and the impacts of a weakened immune system: ill health in all areas (acute issues such as colds and flu to chronic inflammatory issues of lifestyle diseases, auto-immune responses, and cancer.


Your Everyday Positivity Prescription:

  1. Every AM think of 1 kind thing you can do for someone else. Even tiny little acts of kindness have a huge positive ripple in your world and the world at large.
  2. A positive act of kindness for self (10 minutes of yoga anyone?).
  3. Be aware of negative thoughts creeping into your mind & stop them dead in their tracks. Replace them immediately with positive thoughts. Generating positive thoughts will become a habit quickly.
  4. Negative people... move away. Surround yourself with positive people.
  5. Negative conversations? Find a way to subvert to positive or excuse yourself from the conversation to go do a random act of kindness.
  6. Everyday remind yourself of 1 thing you are grateful for.
  7. Every night as you lie down to sleep: remind yourself of that thing you are grateful for and something good that happened that day. 
  8. Remind yourself of the grateful thing every AM.

Gratitude is the attitude of happy folk!

The power of thought is the magic of the mind!  Lord Byron

Much love and gratitude for you being here & reading this! Paula

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