How Does Your Soul Shine?

john steinbeck.JPG

Recently my oldest son was watching a show on Netflix when he popped into my room with a "Mom, just heard a quote that was so you."  He then spewed out the above John Steinbeck quote to me. I giggled as he's correct, he knows his Mom. I thanked him for the inspiration for my next blog post. And... here we are. The energy is perfect after my last blog post: Which End of the Battery Are You?

We all know on a deep level how we walk in this world: happy or sad. Happiness is a powerful healing force. Happiness works with the flow of life, the flow of nature, and you are nature.

Our thoughts and feelings are powerfully healing or destructive forces; for or against life. 

As an RN, working from a space of natural health education with my clients, I always stress that healing is not just a physical event. My home page words: Come Back Into Harmony With Yourself: Body, Mind, & Spirit

I am sharing this you tube video of Gregg Braden as it speaks clearly on the power of thought, feeling, emotions, happiness, compassion... all things good and healing.

This is a 29 minute video.

If you would prefer the 9 minute "What are the effects of positive living and feeling" condensed version of how thoughts, happy souls, can heal:   This is an excerpt from the above 29 minute video.

Enjoy. Be happy. Heal.