Anti-Inflammatory Syrup

-1 chunk fresh, raw, organic ginger* about the size of my palm
-2 turmeric roots* (also fresh, raw, organic) about the length of my middle finger but a bit wider
-1 cup well water (not chlorine/fluoride town water)
-1 cup raw, local honey (2nd batch I used 1/2 cup honey)

1. Gently scrape the outer dry skin of the ginger & turmeric root with sharp edge of paring knife.
2. Cut roots into bite size pieces.
3. Place root chunks and water in blender and purée on high, shut off when we'll puréed. Do not blend too long as it heats up the mix and you lose nutrients and enzymes to heat.
4. Add raw, local honey and gently blend into the root mix.
5. Pour and scrape blender contents into a wide mouth, pint canning jar.
6. Refrigerate. Will last several weeks BUT if you are using daily it will be gone before it can go "bad." 

For acute inflammation take 3 tablespoons at least 3 times daily. Continue for several days after symptoms are relieved at the chronic dose below.

For chronic inflammation take 3 full teaspoon 3-4 times daily over the long haul.

There are many lifestyle and eating habits to support the body's decrease in inflammation.