Jenny Morrill & I offer our new book to you! We share our healing wisdom with you to explore, plant seeds of your own wisdom, and grow into your own healing, lifestyle medicine. To truly Self Heal, a person has to make committed lifestyle changes. What you feed your body (real food), your heart (emotions), and your spirit (your thoughts and the thoughts and energy you surround yourself with) impact your cellular health and change your genetic expression of health or dis-ease.  Jenny and I have woven wisdom into this book about:

  • mindfulness and the positive, healing brain changes mindfulness creates
  • whole foods impacts on deep cellular health and genetics
  • yoga and its grounding and centering effects so you can Self Heal
  • herbs and essential oils (Nature's Medicines, real food is included here in Nature's Medicine)
  • Lifestyle Medicine: how you live your life impacts your genetics; your cellular health

Purchase Locally: Five Elements Living, Colton; Nature's Storehouse, Canton, Grace Boutique, Potsdam, & Jenny & I have copies.

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