Living in sync with Nature because… We ARE Nature.

Living in sync with Nature because… We ARE Nature.

My business & Life are about living playfully, healthfully, and in sync with Nature & the Seasons. We ARE Nature.

I keep peacefully happy, seasonal working hours. If it is Sunny…I'm probably playing hooky or wishing I was.

Mon - Thur from 10-4-ish with Seasonal changes. Closed weekends & Holidays with time off for Ritual & Play at Full Moon, Dark Moon, Solstices, Equinoxes… ALL of the HolyDays.

Due to daily high volumes of emails & social media PMs, expect a reply w/in 2-3 business days.

Thanks for your Love, Peace, & Patience. Paula

  1. Contact or Appointments send to I prefer email or phone calls for making appointments.

  2. US Postal for mailing hard copies of health forms & lab work: Paula Youmell PO Box 115, Hannawa Falls, NY 13647

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