RECIPES: Nourishing Your Body Back To Whole Health With Real Food

Scroll down the page and click the blue recipe titles, under the food type headings, to go to each recipe's page. Some of the recipes you will see posted in more than one section because the recipe falls under both categories.  Many recipes are on a blog post: click link to blog post & scroll down to the recipe (enjoy the blog post as well). There are recipes for skin care & herbal goodies listed at the bottom.

All recipes are 100% whole foods for nourishing your body's cells for vibrant health... just as nature planned. Would you expect anything else from me?    : )

I cook in a seasonal manner. Whatever is available in my yard, garden, or from my loved - local organic farmers is what is on the menu. I do not cook from recipes or use cook books (although I own plenty of them!) but simply take what is on hand, in season, and create meals. That is what you will find here; kitchen creations from my tossing together this and that; what I have on hand.  I encourage you to become a kitchen food artist and learn how to make all your recipes whole food recipes.





Meats, Beans, & Eggs

Soups & Stews

Nuts & Seeds


Whenever you make desserts from whole food ingredients, using 100% whole grain flours, you will have a heavier/denser cake, pie crust, muffin, cookie, etc. (same story for the bread recipe below). This IS a good thing. It means high quality cellular nutrition is going into your body; not refined white, fluffy, cell degenerating flour and sugar.                Refined food kills. Real food heals.

Breads, breakfast stuff, & Such



Herbal Remedies