Eat Several Small Meals A Day... or not?

Are you a grazer like this sweet "lil goat? Aradia is quite sweet as well!


I do not agree with this current health trend, health advice.  

Now I will tell you, as always... figure out what works for you, in your life, so you feel your very best, vibrant self every day.

So back to the several small meals a day advice... that I do not agree with, my diet myth buster:


1.  If a person struggles with over eating, this only gives license to over eat more times in a day.

2.  If one eats well balanced meals:  fruits and veggies (fruit in am, veggies with lunch & dinner), quality protein, and quality fat... you will be well satiated for a good 4 to 5 hours.  No need to snack or eat several small meals in a day.

3.  Eating several small meals trains your blood sugar to want to be "up."  When we get used to meals that sustain us comfortably, without overeating, our bodies get used to feeling gently full and then feeling empty, gently empty.  Empty is good.  Revel in this feeling as you innately know you are not going to starve if you feel hungry for a while.  We live in a culture with ample food. Pick 100% whole foods to fill yourself at meals.

4.  Eating constantly will leave you feeling hungry all the time.  It is the blood sugar is "up" constantly issue.  Once your blood sugar goes down, even just a little, this triggers the "Oh my, I am hungry"  feeling again. Feeling empty is ok.

5.  If you constantly are giving your body fuel, calories, when will it have a chance to go into fat burning and use up your stored fat calories?

6.  Do you really want to spend all your time preparing food and doing dishes?

7.  The digestive tract needs rest.  If you eat every 2-3 hours, it never gets a rest. Your digestive tract will always be working to digest and eliminate food. Would you want to be working your skeletal muscles constantly, no rest, no sleep?

This is my thoughts, using common sense and wisdom gained from years around food and as an eater myself! Use this in any way that works for you and makes your life a better place to be!

Cheers & Blessings!  Paula