Concentrated Milk Proteins



A bowl of my homemade, yummy, vanilla, goats milk yogurt.  No additives, no fillers, no concentrated milk proteins.

Recently I wrote an article for the Potsdam Food Coop's Newsletter (soon to be published and out to Coop members and the community) on food label and advertising hype.  One of the products I commented on was Greek Yogurt.

I am completely amazed at how people have followed the hype and bought into the Greek yogurt craze.  Now, if the Greek yogurt is quality made and no fillers, fine.  Most is not.  Yogurt manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon as the potential to make cash is huge.  Profits before people's or the planet's health...

Most commercial brands of Greek yogurt add concentrated milk protein powders to their product. This thickens the yogurt and boost the protein content on the nutrition label.

Is this good for us?  I would say NO!  

Surprised at my No?  Bet not.

When food is toyed with, things added to it or refined out of it, it is no longer a whole food.

Make yogurt out of whole milk, preferably from grass fed animals, and leave it at that.

Adding concentrated milk protein, whey protein powders (no, I am not a fan of this hyped product either... but that is another story), etc. and you upset the natural balance of the whole food.

Whole foods, whole health lifestyle choices = balanced, whole human health.  Simple equation, simple balance of life.

That's my thoughts for today!