Local U-Pick Blueberry hint from a HOH reader!  Thank you Karen!

"I just thought I would pass along a place for U-pick blueberries.  It is on 11B almost to Malone.  Just a short distance the other side of West Bangor from Potsdam.  Turn right onto Spaulding road (sign is there for u-pick blueberries) and it is a short distance up on the left. 

He has lots of yummy blueberries to pick and a very nice older gentleman.  I went last night and he is open 6am to dusk, so you can go anytime. 

I have been going here for three years.  Last year I think I went back three times.  I froze them on cookie sheets and put them in ziplock bags.  I ate them frozen, very good frozen when you let them thaw in your mouth a little.  

Just thought I would share in case you are looking for a local blueberry patch. 

They started with just a few plants years ago and have split and planted through the years.  They now have a very large field of berries.  Last year they were rotting on the bushes because there were not enough people coming to pick them. 

He does sell them at the Malone fair. I don’t have his name, his daughter is taking over the business this year."

Happy Picking, Paula  (via Karen!)