Happy Autumnal Equinox

My Autumn Equinox celebration:making herb vinegar for winter.

Green Goddess Vinegar

In an attempt to preserve all the herbs I can for winter, I create an herbal vinegar.  I then use 1 cup of it to 1 cup of raw, apple cider vinegar (Thank you to the Martin Family! http://martinsfarmstand.locallygrown.net/) and 2 cups of organic, extra virgin (none of that plain 'ole, simple virgin stuff!). No need to use dried herbs for my winter cabbage and root veggie slaw.  Ask me to send the fall / winter raw slaw recipe, if you do not already have it. pyoumell@gmail.com

Herbs that I added, in very ample quantities, to 4 cups of Martin's vinegar and then I thoroughly blend it up in my Vitamix blender:

Basil Rosemary Thyme Lemon Thyme Oregano Chives Garlic Garlic Chives Nettle tops Tarragon

I would also add parsley and cilantro but, alas, they did not survive well this year.

I then pour the 4 cups of green slurry back into the gallon jug of vinegar and voilá, I have herb vinegar to use all winter (well, hopefully!).

It may be too late for this year, but as you sit about that glorious wood stove this winter... make plans for a fun, herb garden next spring and making herb vinegar in the fall.

Be well, Paula

Looking at it from an aerial view!

Holistic Hugs & Peaceful Blessings!
Paula M. Youmell, RN, MS, CHC
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"Just lift the corner of the cloudsand the sun is  ALWAYS shining!" Eli Schechter