Summer Solstice Sipping Secrets

OK, by reading my posts you have figured out I am a whole food enthusiast, correct?  I put the best whole foods, grown locally and sustainably, into my body.

Now what's a gal to do when she wants a tasty drink on occasion?  Last eve was such an occasion: summer solstice and the weather was perfect. Time for a backyard fire and like-minded girl friends to celebrate the longest day of the year.

Most alcohol drinks are bad news.  Pre-mixed stuff is full of awful ingredients: artificial colors and flavors, corn syrup, and who knows what else (Think pre-mixed screw drivers or marjaritas).

I confess, I am a beer loving gal.  Finding a beer, made with good ingredients, is not an easy task. I have tended to buy German or Belgium brewed beer or US brewed organic beers.  In a pinch, a US made micro-brewed beer.  Blue Moon was one of my preferred.  Just like food made in factories, beer has been bastardized.  Blue Moon is not what I thought it was.  Bummer! (Click the link to read the news on cheesy beer production in the USA.)

Summer Solstice Sipping drew out my home-crafted, mixed drink secrets and skills.  I make drink like I make food, from scratch (as much as possible... I don't distill my own liquor or make my own ginger beer!)  I refuse to use pre-mix factory made drink stuff. It is so easy to make your own fun cocktails from fresh ingredients.*

My Summer Solstice concoction:  Lemon Ginger Mint Moscow Mule - Mojito Combination!


Ingredients: (poured into a 12 oz glass)

  • 1 shot of organic vodka (I used Ocean Vodka from Maui)
  • 4-5 ounces of Reed's Extra Ginger Ginger beer
  • 5-6 ounces of lemon water (recipe below)
  • fresh mint from garden, 2-3 leaves per drink, rip and bruise the leaves before adding to the drink.
  • ice if you like icy cold drinks (me, I prefer no ice)
ginger beer.JPG

Lemon Water: I took one, very large, organic lemon and juiced it on my gramma's glass citrus juicer. Pour the lemon juice into 1/2 gallon canning jar.  Scrape the pulp out of the lemon peel into the jar.  Cut lemon peel into small chunks and add to jar.  Fill jar with water, cover and shake well, and let jar sit for several hours (overnight) then refrigerate for hours before needed to make drinks.

Summer Solstice Sipping Secrets:

  • The lemon water cuts the very sweet ginger beer.  Less sugar racing through our blood vessels harassing our adrenal glands.
  • The ginger, lemon, mint combination is a summer taste sensation:  light and cheery.
  • Using the best ingredients possible makes for a tasty drink and avoids the additives in pre-mixed stuff.
  • Like minded girlfriends, gals who "get it," make for light and cheery conversation. I should have taken a picture of us around the fire!  Next year!
  • The fire added to the mystical evening; fire flies and singing tree frogs were the bonus!

May your summer be light, cheery, and full of sun (naked sun?)!  Love, Paula


The Scene of the Summer Solstice Sipping Secrets!


*Try fresh squeezed, organic, orange juice (again, using gramma's glass citrus juicer) and Ocean vodka. So fresh, light, and tasty. No added crap!

Comment: Your blog made me remember a column from the 1960s by Sydney Harris who used to write "slice of life" columns. He talked about a time he was with a friend in a restaurant that advertised "freshly squeezed orange juice." They both ordered it, and his friend commented on how it "didn't taste natural" to him. Harris wondered at what point the concentrated and adulterated orange juice we take for "real" orange juice became more "natural" than taking a few oranges and squeezing them to make orange juice.

I think of that on occasion as I consider our relationships with food!

My Reply:  

I so agree.  As a culture, we have lost the concept of what is real and natural in regards to food!  Working to change that, 'lil by 'lil!

I have lots of family coming this weekend and after their reading this blog post, I am the drink Mix-tress for the weekend.  I need to get buying ginger beer and lemons!

Have a peaceful summer!