Concord Grape Jam: easy & low sugar

Concord Jam: easy & low sugar

My neighbor, graciously, brought me about a peck of concord grapes last eve.  They have been growing on his property since the early 1960's!

I made Jam, yummy, yummy jam.  No, not grape jelly but jam, using the whole grape, seeds and all.

After a quick wash, I plucked them from their vines and threw them into my Vitamix blender.  Blending on high for about 2 minutes purees the whole grape, seeds and all.  Grape seeds and skins have amazing anti-oxidant properties, so I could not see straining them out.  I am not certain how much of the anti-oxidants survive the boiling process, but hey, I try my best!

I use Pomona's Universal Pectin because I can use any amount of sugar I want (or do not want) and any type of sweetener I like... honey, maple syrup, etc.  Buy at the Potsdam Food Coop or Nature's Storehouse in Canton.

I have come to the conclusion that most jams are best (in my kids' eyes and they are the ones eating it) when I am using just plain, organic sugar.  Not the Rapadura or Sucanat version but yes, the more refined, slightly tan colored, organic cane sugar. The Sucanat and Rapadura have all the molasses still intact in the dried cane juice sugar.  This makes for a very heavy tasting jam, alters the flavor of the fruit to end up tasting, well, like molasses sweetened fruit!

The recipe for grape jam calls for straining, which I did not do as per above description.  It also calls for 4 cups grape liquid to 2 cups sugar.  I used less than 1 cup sugar for each 4 cups of grape puree.  I had 26 cups of grape puree and used 5 cups of sugar.  Otherwise, I followed the Pomona recipe instructions provided.

The end result is a very strong, grape tasting jam, tart but not too tart, slightly sweet but not obnoxious sweet like most jams (jams that call for 4 cups of fruit to 6-8 cups sugar... that is just crazy proportions!).

That's my story for today, or should I say last eve's "making jam until midnight" story?

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