Easy Toasting Bread


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Easy Toasting BreadI am into easy in the kitchen, simple food, simply made.  I have a hard time finding bread that I truly like.  Most is not dense or hardy (hearty!) enough for my likes.  Not a fluffy, white flour bread girl here!So I whip up this bread in about 10 minutes, bake it for 50 - 60 minutes, let cool for about 15 minutes and then slip it out of the bread pan.  Hot out of the oven, slathered with yummy grass fed butter is divine.  I keep it in a freezer bag, in the refrigerator, and enjoy it toasted and slathered with butter for about a week.  Equally yummy is butter and peanut butter, butter and almond butter, hummus... use your imagination and taste buds to guide you. EASY RECIPE:  Warm 2 cups of milk and 4 tbsp. of butter in small sauce pan.  When warm and the butter has melted, add the 2 tsp. b. soda.In separate bowl blend the:4 cups flour,  (100% whole grain flours or use nut flours, I prefer gluten free flours)

2-4 tbsp. unrefined sugar,

1 tbsp. b. powder, and

pinch of sea salt.

THEN...Beat beat well 2 eggs and add to wet. (optional, to make finished bread less crumbly)

Mix wet and dry.

Place in buttered loaf pan and bake at 350 F  for about 50 minutes.

Hints:  I use grass fed milk and butter, sucanat unrefined sugar, and all organic ingredients.  In this particular loaf I used 1 cup fresh ground teff flour, 1 cup fresh ground coconut flour,  1 1/2 cups dark buck wheat flour (I let Bob, of Bob's Red Mill grind this, thanks Bob!) and 1/2 cup cornmeal.

The dough will be sticky and thick like a very, heavy batter; it is not like yeast bread dough in its consistency.

The baked bread can be somewhat crumbly, thick slices work best!  OR, as suggested, add a couple of well beaten eggs to the batter to help bind the ingredients together.

VERY Yummy!  Enjoy and be healthy, Paula