Wild Leeks

4/25/14    The Leeks are Back!  YAY!

Seeing them in the woods, after a long winter, nourishes my soul!

wild leeks

Digging them, with the prospect of taking home for dinner, nourishes my body.


Knowing that peas, asparagus, dandelion greens, stinging nettles, spinach, and strawberries are just around the corner nourishes my mind.

No more snow, correct?

More leeks dug 4/26...


Fine chopped for my last batch of sauerkraut for the season...


Packed down into the kraut crock... 14 days and voila' wild leek infused sauerkraut!  Want to sample?  I will dig it out of the crock around the 12 of May.


Winter Food Blues, Take 2

Springy Kraut

To make my homemade root veggie kraut lighter and more spring like, I do this:

  • On plate, place a pile of kraut to please your appetite.
  • Add tiny chunks of 1/2 apple or grate 1/2 apple.
  • Add 1 stalk of celery, chopped into bite sized pieces.
  • Walnuts to please...
  • Sheep milk feta

This is it, before I piled it onto plates and added the feta and walnuts.  I also grated a carrot and a hunk of my beloved celeriac into the root veggie kraut.


This is a fun way, for me, to change my regular food as I work through my impatience around the spouting up and availability of local spring produce.

Peas.... how long must I wait for peas?

spring peas