Sustainable Harvesting & Preserving Wild Leeks


Wow, many questions about the wild leeks.

When digging, never take more than 5% of the patch.  This ensures the patch will survive and spread for many decades to come.  If the patch is where others harvest as well, take much less than 5% of the patch.

Wild leeks are becoming over harvested and now are hard to find in many areas.

Here is a recipe for pickled leek bulbs.  This recipe had the least amount of sugar.  I would use maple syrup, not honey.

If maple syrup is not available in your area, use the honey or unrefined sucanat sugar.  2 tablespoons of honey or maple syrup = 4 tablespoons of unrefined sugar.

Thanks to Leda Meredith for this recipe.

I would skip the boiling water bath and just store them in the fridge.  I bet they will keep much longer than 3 months.  Put the jars to the very back of the fridge, where it is the coldest, BUT do not forget them there. 

Definitely let them sit for 1 week to meld flavors.