Jaine Rose image for my poem.png
Artwork by Jaine Rose: jainerose.uk 

Sacred Mother Rising


I sit on Mother Earth, grounding down into Her Bones and Flesh.

I hear Her cry for help.

Softly at first, not a sad cry or a desperate plea.

It is the sound, smell, energy of a Mom

Opening Her arms wide

Inviting You into Her lap

To sink down into Her softness and smell the earthy scents of Her flesh.

Mother Earth asks us with

     Fiery passion to rise up and speak out for Her,

Wet flow to invite others into Her care,

Strong grounding to stand up for the wrongs against Her,

Airy whisperings to call others to Her service

Heart and soul to share your Earth Energy and Love, three fold.

The longer I sit, rooted into Her Bones and Flesh,

The stronger Her Voice becomes.

I hear Her in the Solar and Lunar growth of Plants and Trees,

in the rush of River’s Waters,

in the chatter of Animals,

in the song of Birds, and

in the Voices of Women

Past, Present, and Future.

Rise Up Women and Men, She says.

Rise Up and Save Your Sacred Home.


Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse®