Update & Cake Eating

Have your cake and eat it too
Book update!


So, about that birthday cake and coffee for breakfast... this IS getting to be a habit!  (See earlier post on cake for breakfast, July 30th, 2013.)

We had much fun celebrating my sister's 50th birthday at Lake Ozonia around a campfire, roasting grass-fed, beef hot dogs and eating carrot cake (that is a 100% whole food carrot cake!) and I still can not figure out how she, who is older than I, looks younger??  Oh well!

That's the birthday cake above, yummy.  Had a big piece for breakfast today, with a cup of coffee.  Camp habits die hard.  

Want to learn how to bake whole food cakes, pies, cookies, and other goodies? Call me, we can do it at my house OR I will let you know when the Local Living Venture does our annual whole food baking class.  Yes, I am the whole food baker present to teach this class.  Workshops are posted on this Local Living Venture web page OR you can sign up for their newsletter and get their workshop notices. http://www.sustainablelivingproject.net/workshops-groups

OK, the other news:  I have written a few updates and revisions for my first book, see book picture above. (No, not the cake picture.  Forget the cake, it is all gone!)  If you have a copy of my book and would like to keep abreast of my updates, send me an email.  I will zap you off the file on updates.

Be well, have fun, and eat cake for breakfast (whole food cake)!  Love, Paula