CELERIAC...It deserves your love



Yesterday, I listened to the Eight O'clock Hour NCPR show on the Kent Family Growers:  A Year On the Farm, Staying Local and Growing the Farm.  Fun to hear the inside scoop from Dan and Megan, to know what goes on on the farm that grows my winter CSA food.

As I was listening, I was grating root veggies and cabbage, 100% from the Kent Farm CSA, to make another 5 quart batch of my fermented root veggie kraut.

first sauerkraut

The pile of veggies, awaiting grating, included 3 healthy sized celeriac roots.

I had a chuckle when Dan made the statement that celeriac just does not "sell" well around here.  His NYC market LOVES his celeriac!

Seriously, people here in Northern NY don't love and crave this yummy little root?

My goal is to convince you that celeriac IS worthy of your love!

Why?  OK, celeriac to me is like the burst of fresh air when you first open the door to go outside or when you throw open the windows in spring.  That amazing smell of freshness in your nostrils and fresh taste in your mouth is what celeriac does for food... in my eyes (well, nose & mouth)!

My favorite way to eat it is in my raw, grated veggie slaws; the winter salads in my home.  It gives the salad an incredible burst of fresh flavor akin to eating stalks of celery.  The beauty is you do not need to use stalks trucked in, to give us celery in the winter, from California and Florida.

#2:  Cooked with potatoes and mashed with lots of yummy butter.

#3 to infinity... chopped and added to soups, stews, stir fries.  Celeriac is even yummy grated and quick stir fried with butter,  onions, and garlic.

I dare you... try some celeriac today.  Let me know if you fall in love!   Paula


Looking down into the crock, the next batch of root veggie kraut.

Kraut "out" date is March 13-17th, whenever I get around to scooping it out of the crock.

Stop by for a sampling; experience the love celeriac adds to root veggie - cabbage kraut!