Nourishing the Liver

Simple Liver Nourishment “Cleanse” liver

Liver Nourishment is important.  We hear much about doing liver cleanses but is the liver really dirty? I am certain I would prefer to think of my liver in a more positive and health giving way.  This amazing, large organ does much to filter my blood, digest my food, and contributes to way too many bodily processes to write them all here.

Liver cleansing / nourishing has benefits for your health and longevity. A healthy liver helps to maintain balance in the female reproductive tract and helps to keep female hormones balanced (All body hormones!). Think of it as nourishing your liver, fortifying it with the nutrients it needs to do its blood filtering, digestive, and many other jobs well.

I will share with you a very simple way to nourish the liver as it goes about its non-stop job of filtering your blood.  Spending a few days focusing on nourishing this important organ is a good way to prevent disease and heal your body.  Love your liver with whole foods, liver specific herbs, and relaxation. While relaxing, visualize your liver as being healthy, clean, vibrant tissue!

Raw food fast for 3 days:  Eat local, seasonal berries and fruit in the AM.  Add raw nuts and seeds to this fruit to up the fat and protein content of your diet and keep your appetite satiated.

At lunch and your PM meal:  eat raw vegetable salads and raw nuts and seeds.

Get motivated and sprout some raw nuts and seeds or whole grains to add to your liver nourishing diet.

Try raw, fermented veggies as a fun, “extra” food while nourishing the liver.

Enjoy raw avocado as healthy fat and satiating food.

Holistic Love Caution for Your Blood Sugar & Beta Cells:  If you are pre-diabetic, diabetic, or have any metabolic syndrome – blood sugar issue, keep your intake of fruit at a conservative level and eat more vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

If you have diabetic tendencies, do not do a “juice or herbal tea only” liver cleanse.

Raw root veggie and cabbage slaws are great in fall and winter for the raw, seasonal veggies. Want a recipe?  Email me:

AM or PM nourishing liver flush: Drink this tasty little beverage before eating any food; just mix together and drink it up!  Or you can drink it just before going to bed.

  • juice of 1 whole lemon, (I know, lemons are not local… work with me here!)
  • 1-2 tsp olive oil
  • pinch of unrefined sea salt

You can use this simple liver flush in the PM and/or the AM.  I have clients who drink it in the AM because they drink their Essiac detox tea at night.

Detox Liver Nourishing Infusion:  Purchase an ounce of each of these herbs:  cut burdock root, cut dandelion root, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, red clover blossom.

Every evening heat 1 quart of water.  When the water is simmering, turn to very low heat and simmer 1 Tbsp. each of the burdock and dandelion roots for 10 minutes.  Be gentle, not a rolling boil, but a very gentle simmer to preserve the nutrients.  Always simmer and steep with the cover on the pot.

Have 1 Tbsp. each of the dandelion, nettle, and red clover ready to use.  After the ten minutes, shut off the heat and add the herbs to the pot, stir to get the herbs wet, and then cover the pot.  Let it sit over night to steep and create a medicinal infusion.  In the AM, strain the herbal infusion into a quart canning jar.  Press the wet herb mash very well to get all liquid out of the herbs.  Drink 3-4 cups over the course of the day.  Sip slowly while relaxing and meditating on your liver and vibrant cellular health. (As opposed to standing at the kitchen counter and guzzling down 8 ounces of this medicinal tea infusion.)

Relaxing habits when doing a liver nourishing cleanse:  Drink plenty of fluids throughout your day; get much good, restful sleep; always eat in a calm environment (without screens) and chew very slowly and thoroughly; yoga; massage; relaxing by the fire or under a favorite tree (this is a seasonally dependent behavior!) while reading a good book…the point is for you to nurture the whole you and make your liver feel at peace and loved.  Get outside and move your body.  This increases circulation to your liver and every body cell for better delivery of nutrition and oxygen and better removal of waste products.  You get a good dose of fresh air and natural light while outside! And remember, as my son Eli said when he was only 8 years old:  “Just lift the corner of the clouds and the sun is always shining."  You do get natural light, for better mood and sleep, even on cloudy days!

When to nourish the liver:  Ideally, nourish your liver 4 times a year: at or around the spring and fall equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices.  I recommend doing the winter liver nourishment after the December holidays, for obvious reasons!  (Spring is a good time to start to get a step ahead of seasonal allergies.)

Milk thistle is a good herb to take for liver nourishing and rebuilding.  It can be added to the above liver nourishment herb infusion. Using milk thistle in capsules, tinctures, and infusion form are also good options as a single herb or as a combination herbal formula with turmeric and perhaps ginger…

milk thistle

Taking milk thistle for a couple of weeks after a three day nourishing cleanse can help to nourish and rebuild the liver.  You can make milk thistle into a medicinal infusion mixing with stinging nettles.  Again, simmer the milk thistle seeds, very gently for 10 minutes, shut off heat and add the nettle leaves.  Let the infusion “tea” sit over night to brew and steep.

Love your liver; nourish your liver.

nettlesred clover

Nettles and Red Clover


Dandelion root, flowers, and leaves


Burdock root and plant

NAKED Skin Care

NAKED Skin Care, Natural Skin Care That Is

happy face sun

I used to make my own shampoo, conditioner, lotions, face creams, blah, blah, blah.  I still do make my own face stuff but really, how much time do I have?  Homemade gluten free bread, homemade veggie slaws, 100 % homemade meals from local foods, and fermenting my own veggies.  There IS only one of me!

I have had psoriasis for 15 years, just after the birth of my eldest son.  Hmmm, coincidence?  Anyhow, I have pretty much kept it to a very mild issue with diet, sunshine, yoga, and natural lifestyle choices.  Gluten free is a huge help!

Then, along comes Eli, Son #2.  He developed psoriasis at 8 years of age.  It's a gut and whole body health issue but no time to write a book to explain all that in detail.  Try to get an 8 year old to leave gluten alone.  (Someday he will wish he listened to me...gluten intolerance, if continually irritated with gluten can become full blown celiac disease.  It's just like pre-diabetics and diet or orally "controlled" diabetics who continue to indulge in sugar... just wait, they can develop full blown, insulin diabetes from the continual irritation of sugar in their systems.)

Yes, We will be doing another Gluten Free Workshop; me and the Local Living Venture.  Sign up for their newsletter and get informed!   Use this email address and ask them to subscribe you:

OK, so I digressed a bit, forgive me.  I was looking for natural skin care for psoriasis to help my son.  His is much worse than mine, but, may I add, completely disappears when he leaves gluten out of his diet.  So, anyhow, I found these products.  I know apple cider vinegar is good for the gut and good for the skin.  Keeps the microbes healthy and in check.  But I did not want to make the products myself.  Again, how much can I do everyday?

LOVE this company's stuff:

Bottom Line:  Psoriasis Advice

1.  100% Whole food diet... am I a broken record about this or what?!

2.  Gluten free, no refined sugar.

3.  Naked sun:  as naked as you are comfortable being outside!  Sun to the skin, protect the face (it's the wrinkle factor on the face!).

This is the email, I just received from JustNatural,  offering a 20% discount in March.  There is no better way to try something new than with a discount! OK, maybe free, but that is not an option!  They even have products for stopping hair loss with age.....

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We would like to introduce and share with you the quality of natural hair and skin care products.

In nature many ingredients can be found that are beneficial for your hair and skin care needs. But in today’s hectic world of constant marketing the plain truth is often hard to come by.

Hair care and skin care products that are made with chemicals are often touted as being this or that solution. The reality is that chemical ingredients are often used in hair care products to replace the more expensive and effective alternative, that is real natural and organic ingredients.

Please consider choosing products with fewer chemicals and your hair and skin will thank you for it. We ask that you try natural hair care products and experience the change for yourself.

We bring nature closer to you.

CELERIAC...It deserves your love



Yesterday, I listened to the Eight O'clock Hour NCPR show on the Kent Family Growers:  A Year On the Farm, Staying Local and Growing the Farm.  Fun to hear the inside scoop from Dan and Megan, to know what goes on on the farm that grows my winter CSA food.

As I was listening, I was grating root veggies and cabbage, 100% from the Kent Farm CSA, to make another 5 quart batch of my fermented root veggie kraut.

first sauerkraut

The pile of veggies, awaiting grating, included 3 healthy sized celeriac roots.

I had a chuckle when Dan made the statement that celeriac just does not "sell" well around here.  His NYC market LOVES his celeriac!

Seriously, people here in Northern NY don't love and crave this yummy little root?

My goal is to convince you that celeriac IS worthy of your love!

Why?  OK, celeriac to me is like the burst of fresh air when you first open the door to go outside or when you throw open the windows in spring.  That amazing smell of freshness in your nostrils and fresh taste in your mouth is what celeriac does for food... in my eyes (well, nose & mouth)!

My favorite way to eat it is in my raw, grated veggie slaws; the winter salads in my home.  It gives the salad an incredible burst of fresh flavor akin to eating stalks of celery.  The beauty is you do not need to use stalks trucked in, to give us celery in the winter, from California and Florida.

#2:  Cooked with potatoes and mashed with lots of yummy butter.

#3 to infinity... chopped and added to soups, stews, stir fries.  Celeriac is even yummy grated and quick stir fried with butter,  onions, and garlic.

I dare you... try some celeriac today.  Let me know if you fall in love!   Paula


Looking down into the crock, the next batch of root veggie kraut.

Kraut "out" date is March 13-17th, whenever I get around to scooping it out of the crock.

Stop by for a sampling; experience the love celeriac adds to root veggie - cabbage kraut!

Gut Health At Nature's Storehouse

Good Gut Health Food

Nature's Storehouse, in Canton, stocks Deep Root Raw Sauerkraut. Raw means the micro-organisms that are good for your gut are still alive! This is akin to "live active cultures" found in good yogurt.   You can buy Deep Root sauerkraut in the store, right out of the cooler.

Nature's Storehouse hosts a Whole Share buy club option:    Through Whole Share, you can order Real Pickles and BAO Raw Slaw brands of raw sauerkraut.  Both companies have other varieties of raw, fermented vegetables and are north-eastern companies!

Deep Root makes a red cabbage kraut and beet/carrot fermented vegetable options.  They are all very yummy and very gut healthy.  Deep Root is not available through the Whole Share but is available through special ordering at Nature's Storehouse.

Your choice, your gut health!

Be well, eat well, glow with good health!  Paula

BAO Raw Slaw