Everything In Life Is A Choice


In supporting people through the lifestyle changes necessary to:

  • re-balance body weight
  • heal symptoms of ill health and disease
  • prevent further symptoms of degenerative disease
  • create juicy, vibrant health...

I always tell them that everything in life is a choice.

We all struggle with stuff we would rather say goodbye to:

It is all just a choice.  We can make up our minds to either continue the choice that is not serving our vibrant, juicy health OR we can chose differently.  We can chose to create wellness in our every action, thought, and deed.


The first step, towards overcoming any challenge is to acknowledge that we have a challenge.   

Not every challenge can be handled by a "professional", an expert in the field of our particular problem. When we are talking about the challenges of our own mind - body - soul, we need to grab hold of our life - our own problems, and take charge for our self and of our self.  We are our own best expert!

Seriously, who knows you better than you?  Be the YOU expert.  Step up to the plate and make the choice to make YOU happy and well.