Diet "Dr. Doom"

   Diet Dr. Doom
diet dr. Doom
Photo courtesy of Eli Schechter

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

                             -Leo Tolstoy

People see me coming and they say, "Oh no, it is her, the one who wants to take away all of our goodies!" 

I am here to tell you, deprivation is not my focus.  I am all about helping you see what you are inviting into your life: (And I would be happy to teach you how to make whole food treats; cakes, pies, cookies, donuts...I will say that they are a treat, not an everyday food, but make them well and enjoy your indulgence, once in a while!  Whole Food Treat cooking class is coming up November 14th with the Local Living Venture, see link below.)

1.  Yummy, whole foods... real nutrition that feeds the body cells right down to your tippy toes!

2.  Movement that makes your body sing,

3.  Outdoor activity for fresh air, sunshine, and promoting good sleep,

4.  Awesome, vibrant health to a ripe, old age!

Focus on the positive: what you are going to create and the good things you are inviting into your lifestyle!

Want to learn more?

Call me, we can chat & set you on your healing path.

Come to one of my workshops:

Nature's Storehouse, Canton.  November 6th in the evening, 6 PM
Attend a cooking class I teach for the Local Living Venture:
So, I meant to send this on October 30th... a 'lil Halloween BOO to you.  
However, life was busy, I forgot, so it goes!  
Hope your Halloween was spooky and full of whole foods (not sugar)!