Wellness Vs. Weight Loss... The Real Deal

Healthy Habits Create a Healthy Body... a Healthy Life!

My beloved beets; nourishing winter food for the blood, liver... all of your body cells!

We live in a culture that constantly markets physical weight loss.  This certainly makes sense as a slender body functions more naturally, from a physiological perspective. You are as healthy as the cells you reproduce every day. Think of my writings and workshops on whole foods and cellular health.

Yes, there is much more to the equation than being slender, as we know... "skinny bitches" (men as well) have heart attacks, other health challenges, and also die young!

So we are told to eat less, exercise more, ditch the desserts, bag beverages with calories, eat superfoods that are transported from all over the earth... but what is being left out of this physical equation?

Weight loss is a body, mind, and soul experience.  When we humans realize we are far more than a physical being, healing (i.e. weight loss as just one example of a healing challenge) becomes accessible and easy.  We are divine beings living in our physical bodies. When we embrace our heart (emotions) and soul (spiritual aspect), physical healing opens up and a whole new dimension is available to us.

How to?

To step into this space, I recommend to the divine souls I work with in healing relationships, to simply start making their lifestyle choices based upon wellness.  When you are contemplating what you are thinking about eating next or what you are about to put into your mouth right now, ask yourself this question:  "Is this what is best for my wellness; best for every cell in my body?"

Use this question with all wellness choices: exercise, nurturing earlier sleep times, one more beer or not?, choosing a relaxation activity for self, volunteering to help someone or a local cause...

Truly, most people think and work from a space of: "Will this food make me gain weight, will this go right to my belly, hips, and ass?"

The belly, hips, and ass mindset only creates a deprivation and guilt cycle in our hearts, minds, and soul.  If I eat it (or do not get out and exercise), I feel guilty.  I am so bad. I have no self-control, no will power.  These self incriminating thoughts are pure BS.

But then... If I do not eat it, I feel I am depriving myself of something.  That something then takes on more and more power in our lives because if we are depriving ourselves of it, it must be something wonderful.  Generally speaking, when we evaluate this thought process honestly and from a space of wellness, we can acknowledge that the "something" being deprived of truly is not a wellness, life giving, cell enhancing choice.

Life giving, nurturing choices are easier to make when our wellness is the space we live in and create from.

Positive energy begets positive energy!

Yoga outdoors on a peaceful day.  Does it get better than this?

Vitale photo, Lake Ozonia

Make wellness choices that nourish the divine you

and have a happy, healthy 2014!

Relaxing is a wellness choice that soothes the cells; body, mind, & soul.

Sue Bick photo, Lake Ozonia

Diet "Dr. Doom"

   Diet Dr. Doom
diet dr. Doom
Photo courtesy of Eli Schechter

True life is lived when tiny changes occur.

                             -Leo Tolstoy

People see me coming and they say, "Oh no, it is her, the one who wants to take away all of our goodies!" 

I am here to tell you, deprivation is not my focus.  I am all about helping you see what you are inviting into your life: (And I would be happy to teach you how to make whole food treats; cakes, pies, cookies, donuts...I will say that they are a treat, not an everyday food, but make them well and enjoy your indulgence, once in a while!  Whole Food Treat cooking class is coming up November 14th with the Local Living Venture, see link below.)

1.  Yummy, whole foods... real nutrition that feeds the body cells right down to your tippy toes!

2.  Movement that makes your body sing,

3.  Outdoor activity for fresh air, sunshine, and promoting good sleep,

4.  Awesome, vibrant health to a ripe, old age!

Focus on the positive: what you are going to create and the good things you are inviting into your lifestyle!

Want to learn more?

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So, I meant to send this on October 30th... a 'lil Halloween BOO to you.  
However, life was busy, I forgot, so it goes!  
Hope your Halloween was spooky and full of whole foods (not sugar)!