Yoga For Knees with Ellie Beeler

Many people I support through my health & healing services mention the knee issue as they age.  So for you, I pass along this information:

Workshop: Yoga for Building Healthy Knees

Ellen Beeler

Class Date:  Saturday, Feb 8, 1:00 - 3:30 PM 

Location: Yoga Loft in Canton, NY

(North Country Center for Yoga & Health, 205 State Street Road, Canton, NY)

Register by Monday, Feb 3 by contacting Ellie  Ph: (315) 347-2401  email:

$30 or two blocks on your yoga class card

What you will experience though this class:

1.  Explore knee anatomy.

2.  Learn a series of yoga poses to strengthen the legs and stabilize the knee joints.

3.  Take home a yoga sequence which you can practice on your own to continue building knee health.

Ellen Beeler

"Regular practice of this sequence brought HUGE RELIEF to my own wonky knees " ... E.B