Gratitude Is A Form of Self-Love

Life is what happens when we are busy planning our lives. 

A comment made to me yesterday inspired this post.

Comment: Nothing in life ever turns out the way we plan it to, want it to.

I do not believe this to be true and I think when we put our focus on not getting what we planned or wanted, this is all we are going to see.

If we face life with gratitude for all we do have and all that does turn out as planned, our vision of the day and life is so different.

I remember a girlfriend's x-husband said this to her when she was pregnant: "Expect nothing from me and everything you get will be a gift."  I confess, at the time I thought "what an asshole he is!"  Many years later I can see the wisdom of his words (not that it was so wise to say to your pregnant wife!)

When we expect nothing out of the day or a given situation and open our arms with gratitude to all that does happen, our world is colored in a completely different way. Brilliant technicolor of joy. Gratitude is the attitude of joy - it colors everything in a new light.

Let the doors of life be open to synchronicity. Let your heart be open to synchronicity. As cliche' as it sounds most things do work out for the best. We may not see this in a given moment but hind sight usually tells a different story. Find the magic in life unfolding in every moment.

Gratitude brings peace. Gratitude is self-love. Listen to your heart, it knows.

My Bathroom Wall Quote

My Bathroom Wall Quote

PS  After writing and posting this last evening, one of my morning inspirational emails came through with this:  (Serendipity rocks!)