Summer Time & Sipping Coffee in the Sun

Ok, so coffee beans are little power houses of solar energy.  The coffee plant, an evergreen shrub, soaks up the sun and imparts the little beans with amazing energy... I think they call that caffeine!

So, with the snow cascading down around me and my home, yet again.... (I do love winter, just not anymore this year!), I can not help but think about that iced coffee drink.  The summer coffee drink I taunted you with in my article on getting rid of the coffee's acid reflux effect. 

I have had many requests for the recipe, SO, I have decided in my "wishing it was summer and I was playing outside in the sun" mood, I would share it with everyone.

First things first:  make yourself a batch of cold brewed coffee. I made a gallon of this liquid! Yikes, I don't even drink coffee on a regular basis!

cold brew

1. Grind your coffee beans and use 1/3 cup of coffee grounds to every 1 1/2 cups of water.

2. Put the coffee grounds and water into a wide mouth canning jar. You can do 2/3 of a cup of grounds and 3 cups of water in a quart jar.  Or make a bigger batch in a half gallon or gallon sized jar.

Whatever amount that you do not freeze into cubes, just refrigerate and use within 2 weeks. Simply warm it up and use like fresh, hot brewed coffee.

3. Allow coffee "tincture" to soak over 24 to 36 hours.  I shake it up whenever I pass by the jar in the kitchen.

4. Strain, after tincturing, into a clean jar.

5. Fill ice cube trays and freeze.

Caution:  If you have a self-defrosting fridge, keep a close watch on these precious coffee cubes. Get them out of the trays and into a sealed freezer bag as soon as they freeze.  Otherwise, the freezer will defrost them right out of the trays.  This is not good!  Organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee is liquid gold, Fun-Shine, that needs to be protected!


Coffee cubes freezing away next to my Kent Family Grower's cherry tomatoes and red peppers and my Martin's Farm Stand strawberries!

To Make Frosty Summer Coffee Beverage:

1.  Take 4 to 6 coffee ice cube and place in a blender.  Each cube is 2 tbsp., so 4 cubes is equal to one 8 ounce cup of coffee.

2. Add one cup of whole, organic milk.  You can also use your favorite non-dairy milk substitute if you avoid the milk from lactating cows, goats, sheep, elk, yak, or other mammals. Want a recipe for nut milk?  Email me.

3. Add 1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract, the real stuff.

4. Add a pinch or two of cinnamon  OR  the coffee acid reflux spice mix.

5. If you like sweetened coffee... add to taste maple syrup, raw honey, or unrefined brown sugar (Sucanat or Rapadura).


6. Blend quickly to crush up the coffee ice cubes but retain a fine, chunky texture.

7. Put into a tall glass, perhaps an iced tea glass. Pint sized, wide mouth Ball canning jars also work extremely well...

ice coffee
happy face sun

8. Head outside and sit in the sun or under your favorite shade tree.  Sip and enjoy, forgetting that snow will fall again... someday!

PS  The coffee cubes, double bagged and awaiting summer sun & fun!


Coffee: Getting Rid of the Acid Reflux Issue

Coffee: Getting Rid of the Acid Reflux Issue

coffee spices

A big complaint I hear frequently:  "I have given up my beloved morning coffee as it creates and exacerbates gastric acid reflux problems the entire day.  I do not want esophageal cancer from reflux."

Hey, who can blame anyone?  Cancer is not something we warmly invite into our lives.

2 things to try: (see lifestyle info at bottom of post)

1.  Spice blend: add a pinch or two to each cup of coffee.

Equal parts of cardamom, ginger, and unrefined sea salt.  Put these together in a small jar and keep next to your coffee stores. Remember to use with each cup of coffee.  Keep a small jar in your purse, coat pocket, or glove box for coffee on the go.

2.  Cold brew coffee into a concentrated extract and use to make your hot or cold coffee beverages.  (For a iced coffee delight I over indulged in while visiting Costa Rica, click the link.)

Cold brewing is lower in caffeine and much lower in acid.  Less acid is good for the gut and esophagus!

Tools for the brewing:


How to:

Cold-brewing coffee is easy.  Get yourself a 1/2 gallon mason jar with a lid and a strainer.

Combine one cup of coarsely ground beans (organic, fair trade, and shade grown... of course!) with four cups of cold or room temperature water.

Give the mixture a stir or put lid on and give a good shake.  I shake this anytime I pass by it on the kitchen counter.

Let the magic of infusion go to work. You are making cold, cowboy coffee!

I let the mixture magically infuse for 12 to 24 hours.

After 12 to 24 hours, strain the solution through a coffee filter, a fine mesh sieve, or layered cheesecloth so you don’t get a mouth full of grounds. No need to be completely cowboy about this!

Filter the mixture, once or twice, and you have delicious coffee.

Good for 7 to 10 days in your refrigerator.

When heating for hot coffee, gently heat, please.  Boiling is not kind to your cold brew!

Finished!   To make in the quart jar, just cut recipe in 1/2.

cold brew

Enjoy your cold brewed coffee, hot or cold.

PS  There are many "recipes" out there and they all vary.  First time I made cold brewed coffee it was 1 pound of coffee, ground up, to one full gallon of water.  I cut the recipe in 1/2 and used a gallon glass jar.

My advice with all recipes and all cooking:  be creative, play around, and find what works for you!

PPS: Lifestyle Healing: Acid reflux is a warning check engine light on your body's dashboard. Addressing what has created the reflux in your life will help you to self heal and get rid of the underlying causes of the problem. Problem gone and addressing this problem and ridding its root causes will prevent it from becoming a bigger problem, a deeper degenerative disease.

Lifestyle Healing Info:

Self Healing Classes to dive deeper & fix yourself!