Build a Better Breakfast...

Building a Better Breakfast... or Lunch... or Dinner:   I will eat this concoction at any meal, when my heart and soul are asking for it!
When we think breakfast, most people think cereal and milk (or donuts and coffee!).
Cereal is a poor health choice for breakfast, or any meal, for that matter.  I confess, I ate my share of Frosted Flakes and Wheaties, as a kid.  I am even guilty of adding extra sugar to that bowl of cereal.  The sugar bowl did sit in the middle of the table.  What was it there for, if not for me to use??  Yes Mom, I am throwing you under the bus with a rocket launcher duct taped to your butt!
So, I have grown up and learned a lesson or two.  Taking care of hospital patients, whose health was severely compromised by poor diet and lifestyle choices, taught me many lessons in a hurry.
I do believe I had a passion for health way before nursing school, but that IS another story!
Here is a fine article on breakfast cereals (Why re-invent the wheel or re-write the article?),

So here is one of my fun breakfast concoctions.  I start with thin slices of root veggies. Here you see my favorite...beets, in case you have forgotten my obsessive passion with beets! I saute' them in butter for 2-3 minutes on one side. Then....


I flip them over and immediately pile shredded kale on top, then....

I immediately add two eggs and hold them in place, on the kale, until they are "glued" in place.  I like my eggs to be soft cooked and unbroken.  Then....


I add a few slices of cheese, cover the pan, and let cook for 3-4 minutes on low heat.  It's the egg yolk thing, I don't want them getting hard! 

And... Voila!  Breakfast (lunch or dinner) is finished!  See top picture for finished breakfast.  And breakfast is gluten free, grain free, and YUMMY to boot. Want information about gluten free?  Ask me.  I am a big fan of getting modern wheat and its gluten out of your diet.  I stick to spelt and kamut and eat it only on occasion.  Grains go right to my butt.  When I eat too many grains and grain based products (brown rice, pasta, pizza dough, bread, etc.), I just crave more.  This starts the cycle of eating more grains, then craving more grains & carbohydrates, craving more sugary things... and well, we are back to my butt! (No, not Mom's butt, her's is under the bus!)  face

PS  I recommend that you don't eat most gluten free products.  They are junk food, not made with whole food ingredients!  Read ingredients, do not assume the product is healthy.  Again, want information?  Ask me!
I do this "breakfast" with many different root veggies as the base slices.  Other good choices for the "base" veggies:   slices of butternut squash, delicata squash, butter cup squash, onion... use your imagination!
Apple slices on the bottom, sprinkled with cinnamon, is very yummy too!
Eat well, have fun, and if I can be any help to you and your healing endeavors... come find me.  I will be under the bus with Mom!  Paula