Naturally Simple Ways to Weigh LESS...

Naturally Simple Ways to Weigh Less

and Live More Every Day of your life!

This is all about re-balancing your body, mind, and spirit to create a vibrantly healthy you... inside and out. So much more than the number on the "scales!"


  1. Feed your soul with primary food.  Friends and family, physical activity, spirituality and a satisfying career feed us. Lack of primary food creates over-reliance on secondary, edible food.
  2. Drink water. Most people are chronically dehydrated. We often mistake thirst for hunger. If you feel hungry between meals, drink a glass of water before giving into cravings. Limit liquid calories from soda, juice, sports drinks and “enhanced” waters.  Stick with nature made!
  3. Eat a plant-rich diet. Plant foods are typically lower in calories and higher in fiber than meat, dairy and processed foods, while providing loads of essential nutrients.  Purchase your animal products from farmers who raise the food in a natural manner; healthy and naturally balanced foods make for a healthy, naturally balanced human. Make certain you do get enough fat and protein in your daily diet to satisfy hunger, appetite, and nutritional needs for YOU.  Each of our needs is different!
  4. Chew your food well. Digestion begins in the mouth. By thoroughly chewing your food, your body will better assimilate nutrients; you will also slow down your eating. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that it is full. By slowing your eating, you’ll feel full, satisfied, and better nourished on less food.  More nutrients in each cell mean a healthier body!
  5. Eat real food; avoid processed, packaged foods. Avoid products with high-fructose corn syrup or a long list of unpronounceable ingredients. (Reduce or eliminate refined sugars from your diet; glucose, fructose, any “oses”.) Packaged and convenience foods tend to be highly processed, lacking the nutrients your body needs, and are often loaded with empty calories. Avoid artificial sweeteners.  Avoid refined sweeteners, even stevia products.

If you have attended my workshops or been supported by me as a client:  Remember the cellular health information from the Whole Food slide show?  Feed your cells well!  Need to experience this workshop? Join me and the Local Living Venture on Thursday, September 25th for the start of the Whole Health and Healing Academy!  

A few more tips for balancing mind, body, and soul weight.

  1. Eat raw foods:  raw fruits & veggies, raw nuts and seeds, raw nut & seed butters.  Raw foods are rich in nutrients that are not altered by the heat of cooking and provide natural enzymes needed in the body for many processes including digestion.
  2. Eating enough healthy fats and protein to satisfy your appetite and your body’s nutritional needs:  choose naturally raised animal products for protein and fat and the omega 3's found in naturally raised meat, eggs and dairy products, wild salmon, avocados, walnuts, raw nuts and seeds.
  3. Eat breakfast. Skipping meals causes your blood sugar levels to peak and dip, affecting your energy and moods. It can also cause overeating later on because you’re so hungry.  With this said, listen to your own body and what you know works for you.  Some people do much better without breakfast and have no problems with the rebound overeating later in the day.  Be conscious of you and your needs. I can personally admit I am not a breakfast eater.  I get hungry by 11 AM or so. I listen and follow my body's requests for food.
  4. Eat mindfully. Turn off the TV. Get away from the computer. Sit down and savor the food you are eating with no distractions.  Eat from a space of unconditional self-love!
  5. Get moving. Do any type of physical activity every day. Find movement or exercise you enjoy.
  6. Get outside.  Your body needs fresh air and natural light.  You will create life long health benefits!
  7. Sleep, rest and relax. Breath work creates relaxation, slow down & breathe deeply.  Ask me for my educational handout on breath work.  When you are sleep-deprived or stressed, your body will crave energy, causing cravings for sugary snacks and caffeine as an energy boost.
  8. Schedule fun time. Boredom and stress can lead to overeating. Make sure to take time to laugh, play and participate in activities that bring you joy.
  9. Find a mindfulness practice and use it every day. (Yoga, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Meditation, Prayer...)


PS  Just a reminder about the Whole Health & Healing Academy that starts Thursday, September 25th. Join us to create vibrant health in your life!

"White Sugar Blues" Class Wednesday, June 11th

kick sugar

Whole Health and Healing Academy Class #1 Endorsement:

“Your whole foods class truly impacted us. Although not perfection, Rick and I are both rethinking choices on a regular basis. As we run out of food items, replacements will be different. And, there is so much more. I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes.  I knew some of it but your whole food healing message really hit home.”        Michelle Young, Natural Horse Lover Farm, North Lawrence, NY

The Local Living Venture is working in cooperation with Me!, Hands On Health Holistic Healing, in launching a Whole Health and Healing Academy for individuals interested in gaining a well-rounded knowledge of holistic health issues.

Come One, Come All!  Classes are designed to enhance personal health and inspire confidence in the ability of our bodies to heal self through good nutrition.

Invite me to support you in creating your farewell to the sugar craziness, the sugar addiction, in your life!

Whole Health Healing Academy Class #2:

“White Sugar Blues:”

  covers what sugar is, the forms of sugars, why it is so addicting, how sugar is damaging to body, how to truly kick sugar out of your life, and ways to add “sweetness” to your life without adding sugar.

When:     Wednesday, June 11, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. 

Where:    Potsdam Community Room

 next to the public library.


       All who desire to create vibrant personal health.

 Join Us!! 

You will not be disappointed!

My Promise to You!

: You will walk away empowered to make amazing changes in your eating and lifestyle choices to ensure vibrant health and healing from the tip of your toes to the top of your head and every cell in between!


:  Book give away


All classes in this ongoing series are 1-1/2 hours long and include a slide show that will be emailed to all participants, as well as various educational handouts.

Follow up information will be tailored to address the health needs of participants in the session.

Pre-registration is suggested, $20 general admission, $10 student, for material fees and to benefit Local Living Venture workshop creation.  A discount will be offered for attendees who register for the full Whole Health and Healing Academy series.

PS  Be on the lookout for the continuation of this Healing Academy, September 2014!  We will repeat classes 1 & 2 and add several more.

Healthy Eating Brown Bag Lunches at The Yoga Loft

yoga loft

Healthy Eating Brown Bag Lunches:

A series of interactive workshops, 12 noon-1:00 pm

April dates listed below

$10 each or use your Yoga Loft class card

yoga loft ad

To register:, or 315-265-0961                                         (do not use the phone # on the above ad)

Bring your lunch and learn while you eat!

Brown Bag Lunch Healthy Eating topics:

April 2: Whole Foods. What is whole food, why eat it, how to make changes in your life including the why's of eating seasonally and locally, and how eating whole foods will heal your body from the cellular level.

April 9: Divine Weight Loss. Wellness not weight loss in food choices, crowding out mindless eating, adding in healthy options.

April 23: Natural Foods Know-How. An information session on how to know what foods really are natural and not just marketing. Real food not food hype.

April 30: White Sugar Blues. What sugar is, forms of sugars, why so addicting, how sugar is damaging to body, how to butt kick sugar out of your life, ways to add “sweetness” to your life without adding sugar.

Finding the Yoga Loft space:

It is at the new Yoga Loft location, Maple Wood campus on outer State Street, Canton. If you pull in there, you can go either straight or right, once into the "campus". You will see there is a yoga loft sign and arrow pointing to the right, go right. Park in the lot in the front of the main entrance (big awning) and go in the main entrance. The lady at the front desk will graciously point you in the direction of the Yoga Loft space on the 2nd floor.

Seductive Sugar....and our calamitous relationship

Sugar... oh so sweet and so seductive


Like heroin, cocaine and caffeine, sugar is an addictive, destructive drug, yet we consume it daily in everything from cigarettes to bread.   -William Dufty, author of Sugar Blues.

We know sugar and refined sweeteners are a leading contributor to many health problems:  diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis to name but a very few.  Yet, as a culture, we continue to consume it in heaping piles on an annual basis.

How did we get here as a culture?  The use of sugar has been on the rise for hundreds of years.

Consumption in the USA:

  • In 1700, the average person consumed about 4 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 1800, the average person consumed about 18 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 1900, individual consumption had risen to 90 pounds of sugar per year.
  • In 2009, more than 50 percent of Americans consume 1/2 pound of sugar per day, which is 180 pounds of sugar per year! YIKES!

Sugar's history is an amazing tale to be told.

US citizens are the world's largest (no pun intended) consumers of sugar.  The first sugar refinery was built in NYC in 1689, sweet breakfast porridge became popular and consumption soared to 4 pounds per year. We now consume 100 pounds per year on average.  For those of us who consume very little, where does that leave others in this average consumption?

Loving sweet tasting foods is a natural human desire.  Whole foods that are sweet nourish the body cells with complex carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and all sorts of nutrients yet to be "discovered."  Whole sweet foods release a slow and steady level of carbohydrates into our blood streams.  Not so for the refined stuff....

Refined sweeteners have been stripped of most of their nutritional value.  No nourishment to offer to the body cells?  Then the "food" item actually robs nutrition from your body cells.  The body must deplete its own store of nutrients to digest and absorb sucrose properly. This creates nutritional deficiencies. This is an empty calorie syndrome.

Refined sugar enters the blood stream very quickly raising the blood sugar to very high levels and the resultant high levels of insulin crash the blood sugar.  This is how we get swings of hyper excitability followed by lethargy and depression.  We feel good for a microscopic period of time, a sugar high, then we crash and burn turning into moody, frustrated, tired individuals.

Sugar is highly addictive.  A little bit raises and crashes the blood sugar leaving you craving more, more, more! And did I mention more, NOW?  When we go through sugar withdrawal we have mood swings, severe cravings, headaches, fatigue, irritability... symptoms akin to drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Sugar is put into all manufactured foods, those factory made "food products."  The reason is clear, sugar is addictive, add it to food and people will buy and eat more.  What a great sales campaign!

The health consequences of sugar are profound. Excess sugar intake is associated with weight gain and obesity. Being overweight raises your risk for many health conditions: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, gallbladder and liver diseases, osteoarthritis, gynecological problems such as infertility, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, and colon, breast and endometrial cancers, to name but a few.

I find it amazing that rarely does a diabetic (or anyone else with metabolic health issues resulting from refined foods and sugars) get advised to remove all sugar from their diets in order to regulate their blood sugar and insulin levels and heal their bodies.  If a person had liver disease or lung cancer, would we not advise that they remove the offenders: alcohol and tobacco?

If sugar is so bad...why do we crave it?  Sugar in the bloodstream stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain that respond to heroin and cocaine but in a very pronounced way compared to other yummy foods.  Sugar becomes an uncontrollable habit.  One feels great while consuming, bottoms out when it leaves our blood stream, and rush to find more.

Leaving sugar out of the diet for 2 weeks ends this yo-yo affair with the sweet, white stuff.

Interestingly enough, until the middle of the 1800's, refined, "white" sugar was a luxury.  The wealthy could afford refined sugar cane sugar.  Most common people used maple syrup, honey, and crude forms of molasses and the true molasses rich brown sugars (not the modern grocery store variety that is merely white sugar with caramel coloring added).

Take yourself back to the Little House On The Prairie books and recall how they consumed sugar.  Manufactured sugar and sweets were truly a rare treat, only at holidays.  (Keep in mind that the sugar and food indulgent holidays were far fewer in Laura Ingall’s days. Another testimony to where our collective health has gone and why!)

Think how long a hard candy or small piece of chocolate, given as a Christmas gift, would last Laura.  Now think about how we pack away candy and whole, large chocolate bars on a daily basis.  Any wonder why and how  our health suffers the degenerative consequences?  Can you imagine how long an Equal Exchange large chocolate bar would last Laura… weeks upon weeks, turning into months!

Want to return to vibrant health?  Removing sugar from your diet is a huge step in the direction of restoring metabolic health. How to do this sugar detox is a question of your style of functioning.  Are you an all or nothing type that can completely cut sugar now and never look back (trust me, you will feel so good you will not want to look back!) or do you function better weaning yourself slowly?  Knowing what works for you and doing it, surrounding yourself with loving support, and finding ways to  sweeten your life without sugar are key components to kicking the sugar habit.

PS  Stay tuned for my thoughts on kids' parties and sugar!

Fun Food Focus

Satisfy that sweet tooth with 1/2 an apple and a handful of raw walnuts or pecans.  The nuts add fat and protein to balance your blood sugar and insulin reaction.  You won't feel a blood sugar crash 30 minutes or so after eating the apple.  

Fresh fruits are gentler on your blood sugar.  Dried fruits are very concentrated fruit sugars and will elevate and crash your blood sugar, leaving you craving more sweetness to drive your blood sugar back up.  Dried fruits will contribute to the same yo-yo cycle with blood sugar rushes and crashes.  Eat them with divine respect for the concentrated source of fruit sugar that they are;  be mindful of this sugar effect even with natural foods.

I'm Going Home!!

Saturday, November 30th at Elliot's Agway in Winthrop, NY                                                                                                                                                          Recently I taught a workshop, about whole foods, at Nature's Storehouse in Canton. Cindy, from Elliot's Agway, was present in the audience. She asked me if I was interested in "coming home" to do a workshop.  I chuckled and said to her, "But I am a Brasher girl!"  So, I am heading home (all of 20 miles) to teach a workshop for the fine people in my hometown!  I love home!                                                                                                                                               


Whole Foods for Healing Body, Mind, & Soul AND White Sugar Blues  This is all about eating well to heal yourself AND what sugar is, how it depletes your vitality, and how to butt kick sugar out of your life!


Saturday, November 30th, 11 AM...  Be there and start getting healthy before the Holidays!  

Who should attend:  

Anyone interested in learning about using foods to your best advantage to heal and feel divinely wonderful AND anyone looking to learn why sugar has you in it's snare and how to get out of that snare!


Elliot's Agway in Winthrop.  I said that already, right?  

648 State Route 11C, Winthrop, New York 13697     (315) 389-5641


Walk, ride your bike (Get the snow chains out!), x-c ski, skate (Wait, the St.Regis is probably not frozen!), drive your car with a car load of family and friends... just come to relax, laugh, learn, and enjoy some local-whole food snacks!

My health & healing guide book will be available for purchase.  

Think of your loved ones... give them the gift that will jump start their health!

gift of health

  Whole foods build vitality!

 sucks the vitality from you!