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I used to make my own shampoo, conditioner, lotions, face creams, blah, blah, blah.  I still do make my own face stuff but really, how much time do I have?  Homemade gluten free bread, homemade veggie slaws, 100 % homemade meals from local foods, and fermenting my own veggies.  There IS only one of me!

I have had psoriasis for 15 years, just after the birth of my eldest son.  Hmmm, coincidence?  Anyhow, I have pretty much kept it to a very mild issue with diet, sunshine, yoga, and natural lifestyle choices.  Gluten free is a huge help!

Then, along comes Eli, Son #2.  He developed psoriasis at 8 years of age.  It's a gut and whole body health issue but no time to write a book to explain all that in detail.  Try to get an 8 year old to leave gluten alone.  (Someday he will wish he listened to me...gluten intolerance, if continually irritated with gluten can become full blown celiac disease.  It's just like pre-diabetics and diet or orally "controlled" diabetics who continue to indulge in sugar... just wait, they can develop full blown, insulin diabetes from the continual irritation of sugar in their systems.)

Yes, We will be doing another Gluten Free Workshop; me and the Local Living Venture.  Sign up for their newsletter and get informed!   Use this email address and ask them to subscribe you:

OK, so I digressed a bit, forgive me.  I was looking for natural skin care for psoriasis to help my son.  His is much worse than mine, but, may I add, completely disappears when he leaves gluten out of his diet.  So, anyhow, I found these products.  I know apple cider vinegar is good for the gut and good for the skin.  Keeps the microbes healthy and in check.  But I did not want to make the products myself.  Again, how much can I do everyday?

LOVE this company's stuff:

Bottom Line:  Psoriasis Advice

1.  100% Whole food diet... am I a broken record about this or what?!

2.  Gluten free, no refined sugar.

3.  Naked sun:  as naked as you are comfortable being outside!  Sun to the skin, protect the face (it's the wrinkle factor on the face!).

This is the email, I just received from JustNatural,  offering a 20% discount in March.  There is no better way to try something new than with a discount! OK, maybe free, but that is not an option!  They even have products for stopping hair loss with age.....

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Again, we wish a warm thank you to all of our awesome customers!

We would like to introduce and share with you the quality of natural hair and skin care products.

In nature many ingredients can be found that are beneficial for your hair and skin care needs. But in today’s hectic world of constant marketing the plain truth is often hard to come by.

Hair care and skin care products that are made with chemicals are often touted as being this or that solution. The reality is that chemical ingredients are often used in hair care products to replace the more expensive and effective alternative, that is real natural and organic ingredients.

Please consider choosing products with fewer chemicals and your hair and skin will thank you for it. We ask that you try natural hair care products and experience the change for yourself.

We bring nature closer to you.

No Time for Getting Sick

Just a spoon full of honey helps some medicine go down...

or so Mary Poppins said so! And who wants to argue with that legend?


This spoon is full of the "syrup" I made last night when I felt my throat on fire, my salivary glads swollen, pain in my left ear, and my neck lymph glands all swollen up. No time for being sick, I had to stop whatever the bug was.  Stop that bug in it's tracks!

Into the blender: 

1/2 cup of raw, apple cider vinegar (ACV)

1 medium onion chopped into chunks

1 whole head of garlic, cloves separated and paper skins peeled off

Optional good choices to use for this preventive elixir, this magic potion: horse radish root, ginger root, cayenne peppers, turmeric root. The more of these you add, the more immune boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits you reap.  Up the ACV to 1 cup and use chunks of the roots that are about a thumb's size and as much or little cayenne as you can tolerate.

How to:

Blend into a liquid.  Pour into a pint size ball canning jar.

Add 1 to 2 tbsp. of raw, local honey (preferably honey with pollen, propolis, and royal jelly still intact for extra immune boosting powers) and stir into the liquid until the honey dissolves.

Immediately take 1-4 tablespoons.

If your tummy will not be happy with the raw garlic and onions, take 1 tablespoon every 15 to 20 minutes until you have 4 into your system.

The first tablespoon I took, I added 1 drop of oregano essential oil.

Take the jar to bed with you, spoon in hand.  After you get ready for bed, take another 1-2 tablespoons.

By the time I turned off the bed side light, I was feeling 50% better.

Every time you wake up in the night, take some more.

In AM, take some more.  Take every 2 hours or so for the next day or two.  Finish the jar of "syrup."


This certainly beats getting the flu, or whatever was after me.  I will admit that getting sick on occasion: having a fiery hot fever, sweating it out, and resting to get better does do good things for the body (but hey, that is another blog post).  I did not have time this week to befriend the flu bug!

Eat garlic, onions, horseradish, ginger, cayenne, & turmeric .  Assist your immune system this winter!