Former Local Lady Offers Herbs

Former Local Lady Offers Herbs and Healing Food

Home Farm Herbery (Munfordville, Kentucky), is a local lady, formally from Hopkinton, who now lives in Kentucky.

This is HERstory!   Arlene Wright-Correll,  lives in Kentucky and owns and operates a chemical free, all natural Home Farm Herbery.  "We raise herbs and heirloom seeds, create chemical free all natural herb, herb blends, teas, and we raise herbs.  All due to the fact that I was given a 6 month cancer death sentence in April 1992.  Later, at the age of almost 80, I am still above ground by not following the recommended Chemo etc.!"

Use her farm as a resource for purchasing chemical free, healing herbs!

Her Blog:

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Fry the Inside of My Uterus?

(This article was not meant to hit the pages of my WholeFoodHealer blog as it is a female issue.  But as I was signed into this account when I was actually creating and writing it for this account:, it automatically posted here.  I did immediately remove it from this account but it seems to have slipped into the world anyhow.

I started the Wise Women Red Tent blog as a space to address female health topics from a Wise Woman and holistic perspective. WholeFoodHealer has a mixed gender following.)

Ablation is defined as removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive processes.  ( This definition alone, erosive processes??, would make me shudder and stop to think about what was being recommended for my body, my precious uterus.

“Stop your heavy period and restore your life” is NovaSure’s advertising hype for uterine ablation.  Wow, my life needs restoring because I bleed?  Really?

And next, the opening paragraph on the NovaSure’s website is a scary patriarchal mindset, PMS as Wise Woman Susun Weed aptly calls it.

Heavy bleeding is a symptom that there is an imbalance in a woman's body.  Eroding the endometrium will not heal this imbalance.  Correcting the imbalance will heal the heavy bleeding and prevent more complex female health problems down the road of life.

Address the cause, not the symptoms.

I would look at the woman's diet and lifestyle to unravel the causes of her heavy bleeding symptoms.  I would suggest diet and lifestyle changes that were fitting to her unique, individual needs.  I would recommend herbs (wild yam to start) to assist in healing the imbalances in her whole body. This makes more sense to me than burning away the endometrium, the uterine lining.

 wild yam

I am an RN and Holistic Health Educator and Healer.  I worked in Maternal Child Nursing for 12 years before leaving to focus on Wise Women centered care; holistic health education and healing.

I first heard of this uterine ablation while sitting at my healing table working with a beautiful female soul.  She told me she had this procedure 10 years prior, at age 32!  I then gently said, “Wait, what? Please explain that to me again.”  I was shocked to say the least but maintained my compassionate energy.

When I removed myself from standard medical care, I lost tract of new procedures created to “solve women’s issues.”  Consequently, I am paying attention again, not to recommend the procedures, but to support women in healing and avoiding such procedures.

Not wanting to make her feel bad for her choice; I opened my ears, heart, and soul and listened to her story.  I was amazed and frustrated at how she was convinced that burning away the inside of her uterus, the endometrium, was just the thing she needed to do to solve all her womanly problems.

I have since heard this story, many times over, and it breaks my heart.  Red tents are needed in every community to remind women of the wisdom of their own body, to listen and hear what the symptoms of heavy bleeding are struggling to tell them.

My wish is to be able to support women in these situations.  By sitting with them, listening to their “her-stories,” and helping them to unravel the causes of the menstrual symptoms.  The body will heal when we remove the cause(s) of the health symptoms and nourish the body back to health with nourishing, Wise Woman supported, life giving choices.  Lifestyle changes centered on whole food eating, whole health living, and herbs to nourish and heal the woman’s beautiful female organs and her entire body, every cell in her body, would be how I would create a Red Tent for every woman I am blessed to support on their healing paths.

Interview with Susun Weed, Native American Healer

Image This is a very exciting interview for me as Susun Weed's book, The Child Bearing Years, was my first book on herbs, purchased in 1993.  Susun gave me that nudge I needed to continue my walk (It all started when I was a kid watching my Grandfather stirring his herbal magic) on my holistic healing path!

The live interview happened Tuesday, November 12th @ 9 PM and has been archived at BlogTalk Radio:

The show begins with 90 minutes of Susun doing Q & A on herbs and healing,

the last 30 minutes of the show is our interview time together.

An edited version has been, or will be, published and archived at four different sites:,, and on our blog